Empty Miracles

Not that there are not miracles, not that there are not supernatural phenomena; but we seek them because our minds and hearts are so poor, so empty, so wretched, so ugly, and we think we can overcome that poverty of mind and heart by seeking those miracles, running and chasing after phenomena. — Jidu Krishnamurti

Jidu’s correct.
His point is in line with Jesus’ words.
Jesus lamented people’s hollow pursuit
For physical bread rather than eternal life
He is willing to provide.
Religiously devout people are chasing after miracles,
No matter what kind of religion or denomination they belong to.
Jidu’s right.
People’s minds, hearts and spirits are
So poor,
So empty,
So wretched,
So ugly.
They are human.
They are made that way.
So they need miracles and other worldly things to fill their void.
Didn’t Jesus too perform lots of miracles to attract people?
Krishnamurti is as rich as Jesus spiritually.
Krishnamurti is jammed with beautiful spirits.
Krishnamurti is as happy as a singing bird by my window.
Krishnamurti is more handsome than Tom Cruise.
Is this guy human?
Was this guy so spiritual when he was born?
Maybe half-human half-god?
He agrees that there are miracles then
What are miracles for?
Who needs miracles really?
What kind of people do miracles look for?
Miracles that appears before the empty people
Who seek them all the time are real miracles?
They are empty miracles.
If you are yearning for something,
It will appear, but it is usually illusion…
Well, it maybe gives some comfort just like a drug.
Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the people”.
He was true.
Religion is an absolutely necessary drug for the people who are
So poor,
So empty,
So wretched,
So ugly.
So are empty miracles.
However, miracle works
No matter empty or not
No matter real or not
No matter from God or not
No matter it’s a miracle or not.