Of Woman Bondage

a woman jogging in a park;
smell of sweat mingled with
smell of perfume bought in a dollar store.
(i don’t have a nose for perfume though)
a woman with thick make-up
who’s just given birth to a baby.
(a rumor, but it might be true)
a feminist woman waiting for a man
to open the door for her.
actresses in a TV show
who can’t be told who’s who.
(i don’t have good eyes though)
my wife sleeping by me
is the only woman with bare face?
(only if wife is a woman too)

of woman bondage that brings back
the memories of lust to men
with fake face and the make-up
as thick as pig skin


Crickets’ chirping
Drives out cicadas’ chirring
In my front yard

Drizzle all day
Tries to strip the shy trees
In my backyard

Blue sky
Is too high to paint blue
My window upstairs

Chilly breeze at dawn
Dries out smell of sweat
From my forehead In the park

Without lonely widow
On the bench by the lake
Man can’t endure another autumn