Act Natural

Do not ruin the drama.

Wearing a thick mask,
showing a big bravado,
flying all kinds of lies,
you will become an archetypal hypocrite.
If a sufficient amount of time elapses,
the mask will become your face that
can’t be taken off from you,
the bravado will be carved in your memory
as undeniable fact for good,
the lies will turn into poetic expressions and
will remain forever in people’s heart.
Well, then you can walk in high pride
Just like Pharisees.
Don’t worry about Jesus’s little scolding and
just entertain the spectators
by acting natural.
Right!  I saw that thing clearly, but
It could be a hologram?
Sometimes visible, in another time invisible,
distorted once  in a while,
chopped here and there.
Perhaps I have been tortured too long
in the cramped seat so
I might have talked drivel.
I may have a talent in conning, but
I need more practice in acting
‘til I am able to act natural
as if I was born like that.
So jump up onto the stage!

I Am Who I Am Who I Am

I am who I am;
The Stage Nine of spiritual development
according to the self-proclaimed spiritual guru.

I am at Stage Nine!
My answer to “Who are you?”,
has been always “I am who I am.”.
Lucky I am still alive….

I don’t recall I was at any other stages.
Looks like I was born at Stage Nine?!
I went through from Stage One to Stage Eight
In my mother’s womb?
How come a fetus could go through spiritual development stages?

I must be a kind of special being
Just like Jesus who
didn’t have to go through human spirituality.
Or did He?
I don’t claim I am sort of a divine being, but…
m body and mind are kind of shivering

Well, the guru might bark,
Your ‘I am who I am’ is different from
‘I am who I am’ of spiritual development.
That’s one explanation, but how different?

No matter what,
I don’t care what kind of ‘I am who I am’, but still
I am how I am who I am….