Not-So-Holy Thursday

It is just a day in which we are waiting for happy Friday.
It is Thursday that has nothing to attract attention.
Though it is just one Thursday in a year,
It’s become a holy day
By not-so-holy Christians.

Because of Jesus who
Washed filthy feet of disciples,
Because of Jesus who
Was betrayed by unfortunate Judas,
Because of Jesus who
Realized the human desire for revenge on God,
Because of Jesus who
Fulfilled God the Father’s wish for forgiveness by humans,

The Holy Thursday in which
Betrayal, vengeance, insult, disgrace, torture and
Forgiveness and love are all dissolved together,
Is being followed by Good Friday
For not-so-good Christians.

To me, it’s become again
A nothing-to-do-with-holy day in which
Friday is being waited for.
Then why do I write this spiritually grumbling stuff?

The Celestine Prophecy

20 million copies are sold as of 2005?
Lousy storytelling, I said.
Bad English writing, my daughter said.
Shallow stuff, my son said.
Not interested, my wife said.
Elementary school level New Age Spirituality, I should say,
If this can be called ‘spirituality’.
People in this world seem more stupid that I think they are.
Well, I probably one of them since I read this cheap stuff.
It’s surprising that there are people
who actually believe this kind of crap!
Am I envious and jealous?
Yeah, of course.
This guy became a billionaire with this childish material!
Why not me?
I got a lot of trash to talk about.

Ah! However,
the main reason I hate this book is that
I lost a beautiful woman who could become my mistress!!!
She was stupid enough to believe this stuff and
said this book had sparkling messages.
I was stupid enough to rebuke her…Ah!
She might be really stupid but who cares?
She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!

I met another beautiful woman after this tragedy, but
she turned out to be another New Age believer!
Any Celestine Prophecy for me?!

I Am Who I Am Who I Am

I am who I am;
The Stage Nine of spiritual development
according to the self-proclaimed spiritual guru.

I am at Stage Nine!
My answer to “Who are you?”,
has been always “I am who I am.”.
Lucky I am still alive….

I don’t recall I was at any other stages.
Looks like I was born at Stage Nine?!
I went through from Stage One to Stage Eight
In my mother’s womb?
How come a fetus could go through spiritual development stages?

I must be a kind of special being
Just like Jesus who
didn’t have to go through human spirituality.
Or did He?
I don’t claim I am sort of a divine being, but…
m body and mind are kind of shivering

Well, the guru might bark,
Your ‘I am who I am’ is different from
‘I am who I am’ of spiritual development.
That’s one explanation, but how different?

No matter what,
I don’t care what kind of ‘I am who I am’, but still
I am how I am who I am….

Walking on the Water

Peter walking on the water for a few seconds
and struggled to get out while sinking into the water.
So far I have walked well and staggered across this wild river.
If I knew earlier that I was walking on the water,
I would have become shark’s decent dinner
after being thrust into the ocean.

I realize I’ve been walking on the water
for decades of perilous life; now
I am able to look down at the rolling water.
As if a rock is propping up under my feet,
as if I have small wings on my shoulders,
I walk majestically.
I could dance as well.

The Sweet Wilderness

Just like Jesus was pushed to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit,
Being pushed by a temptation, I too go to my wilderness.

I hear that there are plenty of beautiful scorpions and
manna and quails are abundant in there.
With the wisdom and the desire for honor that
I bring in my deep pocket,
I will make a golden calf and
I will dance a dance of lust in front of it.

How good it is that
I don’t have to wrestle with the temptation that
Jesus fought against before.
Since I’ve already fallen into the temptation of
this sweet wilderness.

How grateful I am to God
who built a sweet wilderness out of
the place I hate to go and
let the milk and honey flow in there!

The last temptation that is alright for me to fell into
is that I want to stay in this wilderness forever.
Maybe I’ve already been bitten by a horny scorpion.

A Lingering Touch?

Like Jonah,
sitting on top of the mountain
looking down the Castle
expecting its complete obliteration,
I hear a rumor through the hot breeze.

A guy who was naïve and not-so-smart,
had little money
with not-so-attractive wife in my memory
has become the Lord of the Castle.
Wow!  This is a surprise!
The ending of the castle must be near.
I wanted to wear that Lord hat!
A guy like me who is smart, intelligent, knowledgeable and devout
with smarter and pretty-attractive wife
is leaving the Castle being pretty dejected.
how come the guy like him becomes the Lord?!

Do I look down on him?
‘cause his educational background is way lower than mine?
‘cause he is not rich?
‘cause his wife is not beautiful?

Jesus suddenly appears and says,
How are you sitting here enjoying contempt?
Aren’t you supposed to face the other side of the mountain?
Something must be lingering in your heart.

Frustrated in my dithering, I say,
When will the Castle collapse?
I don’t want a place to go back to.
After I see and double-check the flattened Castle,
I will turn my back.

Sighed deeply, Jesus says,
You want me to destroy the Castle because of reluctant you?
You are just like Jonah, but
you just flee without proclaiming your Gospel in that Castle.
Now you understand Lot’s wife.
If you don’t want to become an ugly statue
looking down the flourishing Castle,
turn your back now and going down the other side of this mountain.

I realize
the road to spirituality is easier said than done.
Thinking about going down to the Castle and
mingle with the dead in order to become happy?

Jesus waving his hands and says,
Lingering is part of spirituality,
Just like doubt is part of faith.

There is no end in this writing.

I Wish I Could See Myself

I am smiling but
People say I am frowning
I am dancing in the bright but
People say they can’t see my dancing
I am singing the sparkling sunshine but
People say I am doing shadowy clowning

I see myself in the mirror
I can see my smile
I can see bright light
Who are these people who only
See dark side of the moon?

She says “Smile!”
All of a sudden
I wish I could see myself