Sin [Gospel of Mary P7:11-28]

A butterfly –
licking a pretty flower,
uncorrupt nature; not a sinner

A sparrow –
Ignoring a sunflower seed in the street;
committing a sin

A man –
not craving for the scent of a woman;
creats a grave sin out of nothing

A wolf –
with lamb’s blood dripping from mouth;
not condemned as a sinner

Her Scar

the most beautiful woman
in the universe,
has punctured my heart.

She escaped from my grip of love and
is hiding behind the Southern Cross
as a goddess.

Deeply wounded,
I am planning to give her
even deeper scar that
she can’t forget.

Hold on!
A sparrow is knocking on my window
singing –
she already has the deepest scar
in the universe;
she can’t be with the man she loves.

What a tear-jerking, cheesy stuff!
Love is love though.
Looks like I’ve been living in this world too long…

Jesus Christ!

She and I were born in the same
forest. She was a poor little sparrow.
I was a big bird which could become

a brawny eagle. The future eagle despised
the present sparrow. Jesus Christ! The little
poor bird has become a magnificent eagle

and is standing arrogantly on top of the
mountain with its vast wings spread in
great pomp. The big bird has dwindled

to a poor little sparrow and can’t even look
up at the eagle on the top with its tiny wings
folded shamefully at the foot of the mountain.

What’s happened? Nothing’s happened.
The sparrow was disturbed at first, but
It realize it has no regret and even it is

proud of the beautiful eagle and desires
for her even though she is way out of my
reach. Nothing wrong with dreaming….

Dream on! That Eagle might be moved by
my little heartfelt songs and allow it in her
bosom. Jesus Christ! What a dream!

No News is No News

The spot by my window where
the sparrow used to sing happiness
every morning is now empty.
Has it gone too far to look for eternal happiness?

One feather is lying in the empty space
As if it’s saying, ‘I ‘m still here.’

In that site,
A pretty bird is signing, but
Is it good news?

Driving out the bird and
putting my white mind on that spot
would deliver the news?