She Wants to Be a Woman

She is called Sophia.
No matter how thick her lips
is rouged with wisdom just like her name,
even though her whole life is given to God,
and her passion of feminism is being hidden in her breasts,
she wishes to be a woman in her heart?
Then her skin-deep body would follow.
That’s why she said to ordinary women
that sacred and sexual didn’t hate each other.
If she were a virgin, I would be happy but disappointed.
If she weren’t a virgin, I would be bitter but relieved.
Well, how could I pluck a star?
The only thing I could do is to fly
my kite high up in the sky
toward her bosom
that is yearning for being a woman?
Let her be,
if she looks soaked deep in sorrow.

Want to Be Asexual?

Being sick and tired of sexual thoughts
which are hovering over my head all day,
Being sick and tired of filthy pornos
which are one-click away from my finger,
Being sick and tired of lascivious pictures
which are crawling all over the internet,
Being sick and tired of women
who are trying to be sexually attractive,
(wife is not a woman…..hew….)
Being sick and tired of all the sexual words
which are trying to catch my eyes,

Should I want to be asexual?

Even though my desire might turn into a desert
where only mirage is real,
Even though my hobby might be to watch the boring movies
which won the best picture award,
Even though my fingers might be clicking to find pictures
of birds, dogs, cats, trees….etc. (no flowers)…,
Even though I might lose interest in woman all together
so lose the meaning of life as well,
Even though I might start reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church
which has all the holy words and only holy words,

Should I want to be asexual?

If life can exist without sex, I would….