I Shall Be a Flower 2: Stay Put Right There

With frolicking colorful fantasies in my mind,
as I am trying to get closer to her;
Stay put right there!
A flower emits fragrance in one spot.
It will die if a flower leaves its place.
Did she see my ugly picture?
Your scent;
Your look –
just stay there as they are.
Do not make a sloppy copy of
other’s songs,
other’s dances.
Only your songs,
Your dances.
Just drawing any pictures in your head
will be a sin.
When the time comes,
if my ear touches your lips,
Give me a furtive confession.
I will give you a covert forgiveness.
What punishment would you want?

We are too much ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?
We are only just in Chapter 2.

I Shall Be a Flower 1: Butterflies’ Name

With my eyes wide open
during the Sunday Mass,
I dreamt a dream;
I raised a veil of the flower,
which unveiled another veil
that veiled another flower;
When I saw this beautiful blossom,
my dream started this way.
I wish she were a real butterfly,
not just in name only.
With my wings folded,
I’ve become a flower
and I flow my scent out bit by bit,
‘till the butterfly feels happy
after being poisoned by the fragrance.
She says; I am already happy now!
Do we know what the happiness is?

Sin [Gospel of Mary P7:11-28]

A butterfly –
licking a pretty flower,
uncorrupt nature; not a sinner

A sparrow –
Ignoring a sunflower seed in the street;
committing a sin

A man –
not craving for the scent of a woman;
creats a grave sin out of nothing

A wolf –
with lamb’s blood dripping from mouth;
not condemned as a sinner


As the doe pants for streams of water,
So the buck longs for the doe.
As David’s soul pants for God,
My soul longs for you.
Like a doe that wanders around for water,
I, like a buck, would fill my hollow heart with yearning,
sniffing the scent of you small footprints.

You are my beloved doe.
As David’s heart is ripped to pieces,
and his soul is broken into fragments
by longing for God,
even though My heart is exploded,
My life is shattered into dust and
is blown up in the air,
as if the buck jumps with joy
at the trace of the doe,
as if David is rejoiced at the voice of God,
longing is my energy.

The doe that is drinking water in the stream,
How fortunate I am
Since I can only see its shadow!
The buck that is watching doe’s shadow behind a tree,
being afraid that its longing might get away…

What Is REAL?

This flower is pretty and fragrant.
This flower is fake.
Dang! The scent is fake too?
Well, the scent must a fake you’ve made up.
Why is the fake flower in the water?
The water is fake too.
What?! Then what is real?
Maybe the vase should be real.
The real vase with a fake flower and fake water in it is real?
Who knows….

This fake follower brightens the whole house.
It has real good scent too…
This fake flower enjoys its eternal life.
Ah!  It is more real than
A real follower that would be withered and thrown into trash
In a few days?

I come to know the reason –
Fakes are rampant these days.
Should I become fake too?
Well, I don’t know who my real I is.
Fake I am me.
Real I am me.
I am who I am.

However, there must be true real?


Scent of a Woman

This is it!
My memory pulls it
Out of my deep dark pit.
I know it is legit!

This is not what cheap makeup emits.
This is what cheap perfume misfits.
This is the smell Adam had in his spirit
Before Eve came out of his cockpit.

Ah! How long have I forgotten the sweet aroma?
How long haven’t I touched the culprit
Of my life’s ragged outfit?
How long have I been in coma?

Just like a dog that is eager to smell its owner’s armpit,
I am sniffing around all the corners of my life!
Though no woman is in sight.