The Orgasm of the Mountain

Mountains are
not necessarily supposed to
be climbed.

Mountains do
not necessarily reach orgasm
by being conquered.

Mountains feel just
content with uncontrollable exclamations from me
looking up from their feet.

Mountains often reach
orgasm by looking down on me with

I won’t try to
climb the unreachable summit.
I can hit my orgasm through
not being discouraged and
enduring contempt and insult from the mountains.

My Sin

Which one is my sin –
Avarice or
Indolence or
Both or

Having decent life at the mountain’s breast,
Cherishing desire to get to the mountain top,
Avoiding painful exertion of mountain climbing…

Not a sin,
It’s life
Not a sinner,
I’m human…

My Church,
My priest,
My fanatical friends
will condemn me,
will despise me,
will teach me, but
Jesus will say
“What sin?”,

So life goes on
‘Till the very moment of
The end,
Wherever I will be
In my mountain…