A Poet

The man with banal look
was believed to a jewel in the mud,
so she committed her lift to him
and kept brushing the dirt
off during her entire whole life.
After many a decade,
The jewel turned out to be a poet.
Her look can’t be described even in this poem.
Is she trying to dismiss gold as common stone?
Or she is trying to take a small rock as a treasure?
It is fortunate
her brushing didn’t start earlier…

Your Tears

Your eyes are not so enchanting as Betty Davis’ eyes
Your eyes are not so big as the Lake Superior
But a single teardrop of yours
can contain all the stars in the night sky and
ah! they are as beautiful as sum of all the stars
I won’t wipe out your tears so that
when your tears become a sparkling jewel
I will make an earring and hang it on your ears,
I will make a ring and put it on your finger and
I will make a necklace and put in around your neck
How could any diamond be more beautiful than your tears
Your eyes are more captivating than those of any actresses
To me since they are bigger than any lakes
they hold me as well as this whole world
Yeah, I will make you cry to my heart’s content