Not Done Enough

Countless afternoons in her room
Numerous nights in my office
Many times in his chair
Once in a guest room in that convent
Failed in a medium-priced hotel room
Failed in a shabby and cold motel room
Never tried in a car
Not on my bed
Was pretty close in my sofa
Thought about by the nuns’ cemetery
And a few more here and there
Plenty of rotten things in my fantasy
That’s it?
Try to rake out memories from deep corner
These are stinking skeletons in your deep pocket?
Well, not done yet
You confessed these petty stuff as sins?
You must see a filthy dog in your mirror
Not done enough

The Thinking Dog

I want to call that guy ‘philosopher dog’;
His eyes that are gazing at the void,
Serious look that are not like dog’s,
Tenaciousness of not moving for a long
time. Is he meditating life? Otherwise
only thoughts of eating are stuffed in
that small head? How would I know that?
But out of human pride and prejudice
I would say; no matter what and how you
think, you are just a dog, you know.

My nickname was ‘philosopher’; sleepy
eyes, the look as if I shoulder all the
anguish in the world, out-of-body status
– sitting for a long time without saying a
word. People are wondering – what is that
guy thinking about, but in my head, most
of thoughts are about women. Right. The
almighty God would say; no matter what
and how you think, you are just a creature.

Between God and I, the whole universe
would be able to be inserted, but between
my dog and I, even a single mayfly can’t
get through, so we together should thinkers.
After all, men’s best friend is dogs…
(Jesus too claims He is my best friend…)

Energy from Hate

I tried to tolerate noisy co-workers who
were chitchatting like withering flowers all day.
I tried to smile to big fat co-workers who
were blocking my way in not-so-narrow hallway.
I tried to say hi calmly to tall women who
were looking down on me as if I was their prey.

I didn’t even try to love those animals
even though Jesus surely would love those humans,
but I’ve been worn out,
and I’ve been burn out.

Trying to survive in this dog-eat-dog world,
I decided to get mad at noisy primates,
I decided to frown at big fat Homo sapiens,
I decided to steer clear of tall-for-nothing females.
Yeah, I hate those co-workers from another world.

Now I have a purpose in my life.
I feel alive and well.
I feel sharp just like a sharpened knife.
Now I have energy from my bottomless well
called Hate.

I am who I am who
is a clown in God’s kaleidoscope.

When I Die

Deaths are rampant these days
All around the world
I see my own death
It’s a huge black bear
Watching me roaming behind a humungous tree
I see no way out
Just waiting for the bear to devour me
Yeah! Death is so near but
The bear looks so cute

I am curious
How will a guy like me
Who’s been moping around
For his whole life
What kind of death is being prepared for him?
What kind of dying mode is appropriate for me

When I die
Will I be in severe pain or
Will I die peacefully while sleeping?
Will I be the same guy as now or
Will I become a different or better guy?
Will I have a time to review my life?
Well, I have plenty of time to look back on my

What would be the last person in my mind
When I die?
I hope it would be a woman
Or since I will be so obsessed with dying
There will be no place for any person
Any dog any cat?

My death would be a shadow of my life
Sounds like a beautiful expression but
Is it proper?

A Life

A pooch
sleeps all night and
sleeps all day

The owner
posts a shabby poem on his blog and
scribbles meaningless replies to
even more meaningless other’s blog posts and
downloads a couple of free scrappy movies and
takes a beautiful nap and
watches some banal TV shows and
falls deep in free internet pornos and
sleeps all night,

While ants
occupy the kitchen and
are delivering left-over foods
to their home

The dog
left this world and
so did the hard-working ants too


A Thinking Dog

My dog is lost in deep thought.
Dog is thinking?
Yeah, its serious facial expression tells me.
Dog has facial expressions?
Why not? It’s a living thing with emotions.
What would your dog think about?
How could I know? I’m not a dog.
You’re NOT?

I am lost in deep thought.
He is thinking?
Yeah, his serious facial expression tells us.
I didn’t know he had facial expressions.
Why not? We created him as a human being.
What is he thinking about?
Useless stuff and some trash
which seems serious and important to him.
Why don’t we let him stop stupid thinking?
Let him believe, “I think, therefore I am”.
He is a human. What do you expect?

I am a thinking dog.
I am very much relieved.

Scent of Autumn

I am learning from my pooch
To smell life piece by piece
My doggie sniffs at fallen leaves one by one
As if she were looking for the quintessential stuff
Of Autumn in the park strewn with dead bodies
Looks like she won’t leave the park
Until she finds the true scent of Autumn
If I did smell the life like her in my earlier days
I could’ve found the scent of my life already
And would’ve been enjoying IT
Just like I enjoyed a scent of a young pretty woman a few days ago
Right! I won’t leave the life
Until I find the true scent of my life
‘Cause I heard a rumor that it’s been emitting scent
Far sweeter and more delicious than the scent of Autumn
And even greater than the scent of that woman
“Do you want me?”
“You don’t have to write a pathetic poem like this. Just say so.”
I am distracted.
I need to learn more from my dog that is still sniffing