As the doe pants for streams of water,
So the buck longs for the doe.
As David’s soul pants for God,
My soul longs for you.
Like a doe that wanders around for water,
I, like a buck, would fill my hollow heart with yearning,
sniffing the scent of you small footprints.

You are my beloved doe.
As David’s heart is ripped to pieces,
and his soul is broken into fragments
by longing for God,
even though My heart is exploded,
My life is shattered into dust and
is blown up in the air,
as if the buck jumps with joy
at the trace of the doe,
as if David is rejoiced at the voice of God,
longing is my energy.

The doe that is drinking water in the stream,
How fortunate I am
Since I can only see its shadow!
The buck that is watching doe’s shadow behind a tree,
being afraid that its longing might get away…

A Hunter

A gorgeous doe is standing unscathed.
A hunter is standing friendly with it.
A handsome rifle without bullets is in his right hand.
That doe doesn’t have to be killed.
Ever heard of a hunter who is just looking on?
He doesn’t plunge into despair, though.
Rather, he cheers for the beautiful animals in the forest.
He won’t kill and possess them.
He plays with them.
Who could call him a hunter?
He believes he is a hunter, nonetheless.
A hunter who catches only she animals
that will be grilled in his dreams.