I am a flower; you are a butterfly

You are not a flower
blossoming alone in a desert.
I am not a starved butterfly
crossing a desert with heavy flaps.

You may be a nameless flower
blooming furtively in a dazzling rose garden.
I may be an obscure old scrubby butterfly
dancing in a glamorous group dance of butterflies.

Despite all of these,
a butterfly is seduced by your sweet nectar;
a flower is craving for an ecstasy
through my long winding proboscis.

Yeah!  It would be alright
if you are called a butterfly;
if I am called a flower.


I chew on sand in your poem.
Reading your poem won’t get my heart moist.
Why don’t you have a date?
Try to dip yourself deep in love.
Then your poem will get al dente with some moisture.
and make the small chest of a woman pound.
The poet who is looking around;
That flower garden was a mirage?
The poet who is crossing the desert;
built an oasis, but the material is only sand.
The flower garden is a hologram that came across the Pacific.
Maybe it is my hallucination;
Can I cross this desert
If I walk and walk and walk again while
chewing and chewing and chewing again the poems I wrote
when I was floundering deep in love?


Love is
to embrace it
with whole body,
knowing it will be pricked.
Love is
to take thorns
to the whole body and
to bleed to death,
dreaming a ridiculous dream
of full blossom
In a desert.
Love is
to die,
believing to die is not to die

The butterfly that never loved;
its incessant flutter
in front of the Rose –
to love or not to love.

Where Are You Heading, Butterfly?

A weary butterfly in a flower garden
dusts the fragrance and is heading for a desert.
To bury the memory of the sizzling pistil
deep in the sand,
the butterfly is heading for a desert.

Flowers are coming out in the desert.
A flower garden in the desert
built with the sweat of the heart
by digging the memory of pistil.

A flower garden in here too!
The butterfly is heading for the sea.
To throw the memory of the fragrance
riding the sand storm
Deep in the ocean,
The butterfly is heading for the sea.

A flower garden is shimmering in the water.
The butterfly is heading to the flower garden in its home
to be buried deep with flowers.

The butterfly has found a paradise devoid of flowers.