I Shall Be a Flower 32: The Dark Side of the Moon

When I felt the end of it,
her back came into my sight.
Just like the dark side of the moon,
She was black from her hair to the high heels,
which was not her look I’d been familiar to
Being taken aback and Just shaking my head
I couldn’t refute the words
popped from her rosy lips.
I was just shaking my head
since I was taken aback.
The truth is hiding in her darkness?
Just like there is no truth in the dark side of the moon,
her words were just words
and just a desperate gesture
that finally nailed this long journey.
Or was that the sound that
the root of a flower was drilling the rock?
As if this is the real end
so I can see the world through her
who’s become invisible
and I don’t have to hate her.


Night Fog

i read a poem
as if walking in a thick fog
in my dark room.
i read a poem
written by a woman
whose mind even God wouldn’t know.
i put out the dim candle light in the room;
i read a poem
without caring where this invisible road
in the night fog leads to.

with this feeling in the fog as it is
with this dark feeling as it is
i write a poem.
in order for the woman who loves me
to get lost in the night fog;
nah, she wouldn’t even look for a road.
i write a poem.
in order for her
to feel my small breath
to feel my shaking hands
to feel my bitter yearning
in the deep darkness
where even a single firefly
is not allowed,
i write a poem.


In a room that is darker than the hair
of a virgin ghost, a candlelight that
is smaller than a mustard seed will
light up this not-so-small room bright
and make cockroaches take flight
and make the ghost vent her spite
in a dark dark mountain outside.
Then why can’t I light the candle?
I don’t have to see anyway. In no
time, my eyes will get used to the
dark and I can see what I want to
see. I won’t have to drive the vengeful
ghost out with lighted candle. I will
take revenge for her. I didn’t know
this small candle was so powerful…

Getting Attention

I seek attention by concealing myself
Under my holy world
Just like a street woman who solicits
Hiding in a dark street corner

Come out lady!
I know you are in there

Do they know
I am living under the world?
Just like a gentleman who seeks cheep sex
They will call me?

Just like a shy harlot who can’t come out
And die in a dark street corner
Am I awaiting attention
In my dark netherworld?

Enjoy the Dark Side

Problems dogging your life
from Genesis and will do probably
‘till Revelation
will stop chasing your battered life
when you join a peaceful community
in some soon-to-be-forgotten cemetery.

Death has become a friend of yours
after many decades of uncomfortable cohabitation.
Likewise, issues in life are proofs that
you are alive and well.
You enjoy shade under the dazzling sunlight.
The dark side of life can be and should be thrived on.

Which one is dark side?
I am blind.
Then you are lucky.
You have a luxury of total darkness that
a single ray of sun light can shatter.

Dark Cloud

when it sees the dark cloud
on the horizon far far away,
my life praises the death
by plunging itself into the apocalypse.

dark cloud is just dark cloud.
do not invite it into your life and
let it spread dark shade.

how about just letting the dark cloud pass by
after it sprinkle fine drizzle
that would make my lovely woman moist.

Dancing in the Dark

Cloaked in pitch black
I can’t see my own hands but
I know I am dancing.
Desperate moves choreographed by my life
Gives my dance a breath.
Stealth motions out of my deep embarrassment
Protects my life from secular eyes.

I am dancing alone in the dark but
I hear sound of silence in the dark.
I see something black in the dark.
I feel invisible moves in the dark.
Is somebody else here dancing too?
I wouldn’t want to know.
I am still dancing alone,
‘Cause it’s dark.