The Celestine Prophecy

20 million copies are sold as of 2005?
Lousy storytelling, I said.
Bad English writing, my daughter said.
Shallow stuff, my son said.
Not interested, my wife said.
Elementary school level New Age Spirituality, I should say,
If this can be called ‘spirituality’.
People in this world seem more stupid that I think they are.
Well, I probably one of them since I read this cheap stuff.
It’s surprising that there are people
who actually believe this kind of crap!
Am I envious and jealous?
Yeah, of course.
This guy became a billionaire with this childish material!
Why not me?
I got a lot of trash to talk about.

Ah! However,
the main reason I hate this book is that
I lost a beautiful woman who could become my mistress!!!
She was stupid enough to believe this stuff and
said this book had sparkling messages.
I was stupid enough to rebuke her…Ah!
She might be really stupid but who cares?
She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!

I met another beautiful woman after this tragedy, but
she turned out to be another New Age believer!
Any Celestine Prophecy for me?!

Christmas Eve

Too many books to read
Too many TV shows to watch
Too many women to love
Too many poems to write
Too many things to do
Too many footprints to count

Christmas Eve
One of too many days to spend

I see her passing by
with not-so-mysterious smile
on her not-so-pretty face
with not-so-elegant steps
in all black

She might be interested in me

One of those days