A Prop

He is a real genius, she says.
Do we need a genius, for that kind of thing?  I scream.
Because of all the fuss she makes,
I can’t claim I am a genius too.
How fortunate I am!
I could just be a wine bottle for that genius,
it would be better if I could be a chair the beauty sit on
and it couldn’t be better if I were a bed
the genius and the beauty make love on
Don’t praise for my modesty.
How come he can be a genius without drinking wine?
How could the beauty’s butt touch the floor?
A good bed is a must for a passionate sex.
This kind of cute ambition should be allowed, shouldn’t it?
I am just a prop
that takes whatever happen to me
and keep my place
While just watching admired genius and beloved beauty.
A prop that won’t reveal its ambition,
just like a forest that wraps the village,
just like a mountain that sustains the forest.
If ‘prop’ sounds too small,
How about calling it a stage background?
Nah, calling it just the stage?
How could a genius and a beauty exist
without a stage where they play on?
Just like the Earth on which humankind is living,
just like the Space in which the Earth is breathing,
the prop that has accomplished its long-cherished goal.

Your Tears

Your eyes are not so enchanting as Betty Davis’ eyes
Your eyes are not so big as the Lake Superior
But a single teardrop of yours
can contain all the stars in the night sky and
ah! they are as beautiful as sum of all the stars
I won’t wipe out your tears so that
when your tears become a sparkling jewel
I will make an earring and hang it on your ears,
I will make a ring and put it on your finger and
I will make a necklace and put in around your neck
How could any diamond be more beautiful than your tears
Your eyes are more captivating than those of any actresses
To me since they are bigger than any lakes
they hold me as well as this whole world
Yeah, I will make you cry to my heart’s content

A Pink-Colored Sacrament of Reconciliation (Luke 7:36-50)

Wetting man’s soiled feet with her white tears
Wiping his feet with her brownish streaming long hair
Cutting out the stench of the polluted earth from those feet
Dousing the feet with passionate kiss
Papering the feet with woman’s scent
Pouring the luxury ointment on the feet
Thus making his feet king’s feet
What kind of woman can make this kind of erotic confession of love?
What kind of man can’t take this kind of sensual confession of love?
Any men let alone Messiah can’t forgive any sins of any women?

In this sizzling scene men grumble not because
She is a whore not because
She is a big sinner decorated with quite a few adulteries not because
The man is the Son of God but because
they are hungry males who is jealous of another male
who got extraordinary love which they never get
from the woman as beautiful as a Miss Universe

My woman
She is not as beautiful as even a Miss Atlanta
She has money barely enough to buy cheap perfume
She doesn’t have a courage to make a sexy confession of love in public
Ah! However,
The look of her sparkling eyes and
her body language are
enough to trigger other males’ jealousy
I don’t envy the Son of God at all

A Beauty

I thought that wasn’t my share;
a being with this beauty.
I thought I was just a spectator, but
that being and I were alone.
I was the only one who caught the eyes
of the beautiful being.
I could savor the beauty.
Servile give-up; that is not mine, and
Disguised humility; I am not qualified –
They all lose their clout before
this genuine original beauty.
What am I supposed to do with this beauty that
has been entrusted to me?
Should I too become beautiful now?
Fling my deliberate rags,
Should I reveal my cloaked beauty?
Ah! That is it!
That beauty was I!
Its ardent gaze is not a burden any more since
I am as beautiful as that being.

God’s Temptation

A small river is blocking my way.
I could cross the river by swimming, but
since it’s hard,
I am waiting for a miracle that
would divide the river.

If the river is divided and
the water becomes walls and
the bottom of the river appears in between,
could you step into the river?

I don’t see any army chasing me.
There is no promised land across the river.
What comes in my sight is
a naked beauty lying on the small pasture.

Irresistible God’s temptation, isn’t it?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Being horny all day long after having explored
with my eyes the almost naked back of a beauty
in swimsuit, I understand why monks were hiding
deep in the mountains with their eyes shut.

How fortunate I am not a king who can take
any woman he wants to have. Just like King
David who saw the sight of naked Bathsheba
and couldn’t drive her out of his horny mind,

I might have ventured into her if I had resource
and become a great sinner like King David.
Instead, I am dragging her image into my mind
lest I lose the sight of her gorgeous curvature.

Morrow morning, I will be looking for her
sight in order to keep my mind horny until
I see the most sensual woman in my life
and spend the first night as if in honeymoon.