Space Travel

The Nebraska stretch of I-80 has no curves just like
nude model’s legs. So, you don’t need to use steering
wheel and what you can see is only corn fields, the sky,
the road and a few cars. To go through this part in one
piece might be the same as to survive in a fierce battle.

Space travel could be worse than hitting dismal Nebraska
I-80. Even after decades of flying, only you can see is pitch-
black space and stars, stars, stars that never get closer.
Probably nobody would expect to go back to Earth alive.

Just like a spaceship flying diligently to the destination
that may not be reached, I run zealously, but running
running running don’t change the scenery so looks like
the time stops. The only way to endure this agony is to
trash the heavy sack that is being dragged along and
forget where I am running to and to become AI and just run.

Space travel is no big deal since I am already doing it.

Author: nakedgod

I am who I am.

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