I Shall Be a Flower 9: Bird Watching

The butterfly has become a bird in front of me today.
Bird watching is a tough task; a bird told me.
You have to be hiding for many days waiting for birds.
How lucky I am!  A bird, a pretty bird is singing right
in front of me without even trying to fly away.
Has I become a flower already? Right.
I don’t have to hide in order to watch a pretty bird.
Opening and closing its small and cute beak,
the bird is singing a profound and intelligent song.
Wouldn’t it be great to add sexy to the beauty?
It’s dear-like long neck – don’t ask, small bird has a neck? –
looks like being surrounded by not-so-cheap perfume.
Lots of fish must be swimming in its eyes like a deep lake,
that once in a while meet my eyes full of hidden desire.
A mermaid that is playing in surprisingly plain feather;
next time, snow white will be sleeping in there?
I don’t see a tail in this small bird.
How long and pretty would its tail be?
the tail will be surely wide open…tomorrow.

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