I Shall Be a Flower 11: A Rhapsody of Temptation

How long can a cat endure
in front of a fish?
There was a fish
that a cat didn’t even
give a look.

A plump dear caught in a snare
is blocking the way of a ravenous tiger.
Catch both dear and tiger together?
Avaricious God or Satan
Illusion of the tiger or the dear
Illusion duet of the tiger and the dear

A tiger is not a cat.
A dear is not a fish.
A tiger that releases the trapped dear
and disappears unhurriedly;
A daydream of a tiger
with full stomach.

The hungry but patient tiger
that prays facing the face of the
poor dear caught in a trap.

I Shall Be a Flower 10: A Little Bird and a Big Tree

I told her to be a bird,
then she’d become
a little bird in front of me
and asked me to be
a big tree for her.
So I’d become a tree.

That little bird is snooping around
for a place to sit
on the tree
where birds of all different colors
are enjoying noisy chatter.

Little bird!
You are trying to sit
on the highest branch
but might fall on the ground
from the wobbling branch
because you have big breasts
even though your wings are small.

Why don’t you sit
on the thickest branch safely
and try to listen of the pulse
coming from the deep deep
root of the big tree.

I Shall Be a Flower 9: Bird Watching

The butterfly has become a bird in front of me today.
Bird watching is a tough task; a bird told me.
You have to be hiding for many days waiting for birds.
How lucky I am!  A bird, a pretty bird is singing right
in front of me without even trying to fly away.
Has I become a flower already? Right.
I don’t have to hide in order to watch a pretty bird.
Opening and closing its small and cute beak,
the bird is singing a profound and intelligent song.
Wouldn’t it be great to add sexy to the beauty?
It’s dear-like long neck – don’t ask, small bird has a neck? –
looks like being surrounded by not-so-cheap perfume.
Lots of fish must be swimming in its eyes like a deep lake,
that once in a while meet my eyes full of hidden desire.
A mermaid that is playing in surprisingly plain feather;
next time, snow white will be sleeping in there?
I don’t see a tail in this small bird.
How long and pretty would its tail be?
the tail will be surely wide open…tomorrow.