A Daydream during Lent

In the middle of just another Lent;

I didn’t know spring would come only after Easter.
I didn’t know a new life had been brewing during the winter.
Something tremendous must be in store for me.
Something magnificent should be being shaped for me.

Those amazing things will come to life after Easter, only after Easter.
Snow in March won’t be able to blanket scurrying spring.
Cold rain won’t be able to flood resting spring.
They only will reinforce the hope for Resurrection in Easter.

What would be more fantastic and splendid than Jesus’ Resurrection?
So I expect something a lot less marvelous and with no impression;
a lot smaller and insignificant and trivial to none-me,
but something gargantuan and meaningful to me, only to me.

I clean up my room packed with trash
to make rooms for something wonderful.
My heart is pounding with lots of thrash.
I am holding my breath for anything fanciful.

Wake up, buddy! This shouldn’t be a dream.
Pounding heart in your dream is your heart.
You are holding your breath, not others’ in your dream
Keep dreaming ‘til real life wakes up in your heart.

Still, don’t be disappointed even though
Jesus is still in the tomb after Easter.
Wipe out ‘disappointment’ and grow.
Write down ‘enlightenment’ for your Master.

Wouldn’t ‘excitement’ be greatly better, would it?