I Shall Be a Flower 7: Empty Space and Time

The space that should be packed with her
is jammed with things that are not of her.
The time that should be flowing with her flapping
is running with birds that don’t have her fluttering.

A well that’s being overflowed with sea water
would be called an empty well.
The water is not the water
that butterflies other than her can’t drink, though.

The flower, like this
Is searching for her smile in the empty space;
Is searching for her signs in the empty time.

Dreaming a dream that she is lifting her veil up,
a flower that should become a play butterfly;
finally understands that space and time are the same thing.

I Shall Be a Flower 6: Feeling of Being a Flower

Maybe a preview;
If I become a flower;
If I become a pretty flower,
Just like this,
I would be enraptured with flapping of butterflies;
I would be humbled by jealousy of other flowers.
For now just one minute.
But if I become a real flower.
I should live like this every day.
I believe she looked at me.
I didn’t look at her, though.
Perhaps I forgot to look.
I was afraid of her moist eyes?
I couldn’t resist her body language of desire?
Wouldn’t matter if it’s just an illusion.
I was enchanted with other butterflies.
If she had flown to me
I would have seen me in her eyes.
But I will be in her eyes?
If I become a flower;
If I become a pretty flower.