I Shall Be a Flower 3: The Queen Bee

You shall be a flower? You were born as
a flower and in your whole life, giving
out fragrance, you’ve seduced honey

bees like street women. You tried to fly
even though you didn’t have wings. Nah!
you’ve been living in despair because

you couldn’t fly even though you didn’t
have wings to spread. You envied butterflies
that were flying around this flower and that,

but you didn’t see honey bees that was
stealing your nectar industriously. You don’t
hear the sound of my wings hovering over

you? I, the Queen bee, myself came to you
being attracted to the fragrance of the sweet
nectar you’ve been hiding deep deep in you.

You think it’s dream? You say it’s a fairy tale?
You believe it’s a fantasy novel? You worry it
would be the end of the world because the

Queen Bee abandoned her hive? They might
be true. So break the lock of the vault of your
basement and wake up your true nectar that

has been sleeping for many decades. Wake it
up! Wake it up! This is a temptation! I shouldn’t
have seen her legs and buttocks in her jeans.

I shouldn’t have felt her wind and frost engraved
in her fine wrinkles around her eyes. I didn’t know
I had a vault in my basement, deep in my mind.

I Shall Be a Flower 2: Stay Put Right There

With frolicking colorful fantasies in my mind,
as I am trying to get closer to her;
Stay put right there!
A flower emits fragrance in one spot.
It will die if a flower leaves its place.
Did she see my ugly picture?
Your scent;
Your look –
just stay there as they are.
Do not make a sloppy copy of
other’s songs,
other’s dances.
Only your songs,
Your dances.
Just drawing any pictures in your head
will be a sin.
When the time comes,
if my ear touches your lips,
Give me a furtive confession.
I will give you a covert forgiveness.
What punishment would you want?

We are too much ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?
We are only just in Chapter 2.