You Don’t Look Lonely

You are alone on the beach.
With your back turning toward the world,
with your eyes fixing on the horizon,
with your ears being buried in dull sound of wave,
you don’t look lonely.
Perhaps your yearning is your lover.

You, sitting alone in a packed café,
don’t look lonely.
You don’t seem to be waiting for somebody.
Whom do you give your smile to?
Ah!  You are sharing a cup of coffee
with your longing sitting vis-à-vis with you.

Can I be jealous?
I will make your yearning my rival in love,
I will hate your longing that took away your loneliness and
I will pour my sigh on your back that doesn’t look lonely.

Look, my love!
Nobody’s going to sit on your bench.
There’s no seat by you.
While pacing around your bench,
should I make my longing for you my lover?

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