To Blame God

I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on. – Oscar Levant

Great words! We should blame others for our problems in order to survive this hostile world. “This is my fault!” might make you a saint, but it could render you neurotic and eventually drive you crazy. Therefore, we definitely need something or somebody to blame on. That is why we need religion. That is why we need God who created us Christians. God created us without our consent so He is responsible for all our miseries, isn’t He? However, the Church that claims it is the voice of God pushes the faithfuls to the sinner’s pit by proclaiming the so-called Gospel saying that we are all sinners who almost destroyed this beautiful world God created for us and we can be saved by listening to the Church’s dogma and obey any rules that the Church made up to maintain the organization. Is Church’s will God’s will? God wants us to complain to Him and challenge Him about alleged God’s will. God is willing to solve any problems we have in this world but the Church blocks the channel to God and impose Church’s will on us. We are God’s beautiful creatures and supposed to lead happy lives in this world and forever and ever in Heaven. So blame God for any problems in your life and ask Him for help! What if God doesn’t exist? If God doesn’t exist, create Him/Her. God gave us brilliant brains to make anything possible including creating God. Too bad some people don’t have God to blame on. I can’t image how they can overcome their miseries. Well, they are all God’s creatures so they must have created something just like we created God to throw all their problems to.

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