A Kite

A kite floating way high up in the winter sky
and looking down upon the world; I am looking
up the bird feeling pain in my neck. Unlike
no-name obscure birds flying in a flock and
a pair of geese singing love songs by filling
up the sky with eardrum-splitting noise, the
kite looks lonely but so elegant and splendid
Probably the kite is not alone and may have
kids to feed or boy/girl friends are floating
somewhere else. Just like a golfer standing
alone and gazing at the invisible hole in a
green, it is alone even though it is not alone.
I hope I am not its food since I am not dead
yet. Just like that kite, I am looking down at
this world all alone and elegantly, but I am not
looking for dead meat. Yeah, after I eat fresh
living meat, I will be dead and will be the food
of the kite. I’ve come to know that why the kite
is hovering over my head. I might close my life
as a dinner of that kite, but I wish I could eat
the flesh and drink the blood of the fresh
living meat I’ve been yearning for. My elegant
and grandiose floating high up in the sky could
attract the refreshing breathing meat. It’s
little wonder the kite is a he.

Sin [Gospel of Mary P7:11-28]

A butterfly –
licking a pretty flower,
uncorrupt nature; not a sinner

A sparrow –
Ignoring a sunflower seed in the street;
committing a sin

A man –
not craving for the scent of a woman;
creats a grave sin out of nothing

A wolf –
with lamb’s blood dripping from mouth;
not condemned as a sinner

Bride of Blood (Exodus 4:24-26)

God probably was pissed off by Moses
who accepted God’s calling before he
realized what he did and was trudging

back to Egypt without any thought; God
pretended to try to kill vacuous Moses,
but he was lucky enough to have a quick-

witted and extremely reactive wife just
like me. Zipporah instantly circumcised
her own son before God killed her beloved

husband. Perhaps she is the only mother
who herself did circumcision on her son?
Who knows? There are plenty of weird

moms in this world. Even with her iron heart,
how frightened she was! How mad at her
thickheaded husband she was; she called

him a bridegroom of blood. Zipporah who
was not fazed at all at the sight of blood
can be called a bride of blood or a mother

of blood? If there were no Zipporah with
the great prophet Moses, I wouldn’t be
writing this kind of gem of a poem…hew.


A flower that never stopped twisting
its whole body according to the flapping
of a butterfly or dung fly in a garden,

as if a sunflower kept turning its neck
toward the Sun; Feeling sorry for the
flower, when the butterfly or dung fly

stops flapping and lands on the flower,
the flower or butterfly-eater looks dead
or sleeping just like a sunflower that lost

the Sun in dark night. How fortunate that
this flower or butterfly-eater is not a
carnivorous plant.  Even sitting on the

flower, the butterfly or dung fly is wondering
if this flower really is a sunflower; Yeah,
the flapping of the fly would never stop.