Beat It, You Fake!

The fake vase that
has been holding
the fake water that
has been embracing
the fake flower –
it has been shattered into million pieces.
Suicide, maybe.
It was a fake, but
the fake held its own place and
brightened the house.
The vase knew it was a fake, but
a human-like creature I
don’t have even a question about
my being fake or real.
Just like
the fake flower that
had been drinking
the fake water in
the fake vase
was more beautiful
the real flower,
If I am more good-looking than
real me,
I will stay fake and
won’t have a foolish question
about my being fake or real.
Then I won’t be broken into pieces like
the fake vase.

Perhaps I am really real?
The fake is gone like this.

While the Winter is Knocking on the Door

The sky has sunken
as if it steps on the ground.
On a twig as skinny as young girls’ leg;
its tree has thrown off
the Summer and Autumn,
a pudgy nameless bird,
hiding behind the color of the tree and the sky
with the deep silence like a tree,
is squatting like the sunken sky.
What is in the bird’s small head?
Is this my fault that the bird looks lonely?
If a she-bird that embraces the fall sky,
the summer tree and the spring forsythia,
lands by the he-bird,
It wouldn’t have to open the door for the winter

A Sand Castle

The Sea of Galilee;
the name I’ve heard in the Bible.
The touch of its water
I can feel in the photos others took.
The sand of its beach;
I’ve heard it is as hard as cement.
The pretty castle I’ve built with the sand
reels from the flaps of a passing sea gull;
then the Sea of Galilee becomes
a picture hanging on a wall.
Hey, buddy!
Why don’t try to soak your feet
in the water of the Sea?


I want it –
If there is an android that can
sing a pretty song,
write a abstruse poem,
paint a mysterious picture,
dance a sexy dance and
have eyes as limpid as hers.

I will fall in love with it,
hold it in my arms all night,
throw the cold body
into the trash can
without recharging it

Maybe she is an android too?
Well, even if so,
I don’t mind being disappointed after
I drink the midwinter chilly air
from her body.

Probably I need a bigger trash can?
Yeah, adults need toys too.