Energy from Hate

I tried to tolerate noisy co-workers who
were chitchatting like withering flowers all day.
I tried to smile to big fat co-workers who
were blocking my way in not-so-narrow hallway.
I tried to say hi calmly to tall women who
were looking down on me as if I was their prey.

I didn’t even try to love those animals
even though Jesus surely would love those humans,
but I’ve been worn out,
and I’ve been burn out.

Trying to survive in this dog-eat-dog world,
I decided to get mad at noisy primates,
I decided to frown at big fat Homo sapiens,
I decided to steer clear of tall-for-nothing females.
Yeah, I hate those co-workers from another world.

Now I have a purpose in my life.
I feel alive and well.
I feel sharp just like a sharpened knife.
Now I have energy from my bottomless well
called Hate.

I am who I am who
is a clown in God’s kaleidoscope.

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