40 Days in Wilderness

Just like a legend that a Korean Buddist monk
didn’t have to study in China ‘cause
he found his own enlightenment after
he drank water in a human skull
in a pitch-black night on his way to China,

I will make my own legend.
I will get out of the wilderness after
Having found my own sweet enlightenment without
Having spent the whole 40 days and without
Having been bitten by a single scorpion.

Jesus spent the whole 40 days, but
He was born with God’s enlightenment.
Israel people wandered for 40 years, but
The purpose was not their enlightenment.
A moronic preacher claimed that he successfully
spent 40 days without food, but
his purpose was not to find enlightenment, so

If I am trying to spend the days even after
I find enlightenment in the wilderness,
I should learn that Buddist monk’s confidence and boldness.
I should discard weak-kneed thought that
since I am surely not Jesus (well…),
I might be one of the stubborn Israel people.

Ah! What kind of enlightenment would be that
could enable me to storm out of the wilderness!
If I don’t know, why don’t I just spend the 40days
and enjoy the temptation of the Satan disguised as
the most beautiful woman in the Universe?

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