Pretty Woman

She is black OK So what? Not again but
she is a pretty woman Who cares what
skin color she is wearing? I am willing to
be color-blind for pretty woman. She will
be forgiven no matter what she messes
up No wonder plastic surgeons rake money
As if Hugh Hefner still rolls up net full of
voluptuous women In his very advanced
age So be pretty women! Don’t be ashamed
of wasting money on your no-so-pretty face
It is not a waste You don’t have to confess
your filthy sins to a priest You can buy all
your future forgiveness by being pretty Why
I do write this kind of going-nowhere poem?
‘Cause at this not-so-young age I am still
a man yearning for young & pretty women

Dumped By His Own Father (Matthew 27:46)

Jesus was dumped by God – His own Father
just like I dump a trash bag of stinking garbage
A bag with no non-filthy stuff in a corner
Jesus was THE dumpster full of human carnage

No wonder His own Father forsook Him
Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?
Jesus was really abandoned by God’s whim
It was not a freak show from Dead Sea

Jesus was not acting as a Hero
He was so real so he looked phony
I can hear Jesus’ outcry in absolute zero
I could feel His despair as his crony

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
I believe I am trashed too by my Creator
My body and mind is a trash bag full of sinful glee
The only way to join Jesus’ theater?

How about watching Mel Gibson’s
the Passion of the Crist and
How about feeling empathy for Jesus’
excruciating pain everybody shunned?

Only Name

What he knows is only her name.
Yeah, he read her cranky email as well.
And he knows for sure she is a dame.
But what he can’t feel is her smell.

His wild fantasy kicks in furtively.
His mind already is flying over the Rockies.
His body sneaks in her bed surreptitiously.
His spirit possesses all of her goodies.

She spelled my name wrong,
but who cares as long as she is pretty?
She might be wearing a thong,
but he wouldn’t care as long as she has her titty.

Not sure why he writes this pathetic poem.
Who the hell is this womanizing bum?
I hope he is not me who’s dumb.

Energy from Hate

I tried to tolerate noisy co-workers who
were chitchatting like withering flowers all day.
I tried to smile to big fat co-workers who
were blocking my way in not-so-narrow hallway.
I tried to say hi calmly to tall women who
were looking down on me as if I was their prey.

I didn’t even try to love those animals
even though Jesus surely would love those humans,
but I’ve been worn out,
and I’ve been burn out.

Trying to survive in this dog-eat-dog world,
I decided to get mad at noisy primates,
I decided to frown at big fat Homo sapiens,
I decided to steer clear of tall-for-nothing females.
Yeah, I hate those co-workers from another world.

Now I have a purpose in my life.
I feel alive and well.
I feel sharp just like a sharpened knife.
Now I have energy from my bottomless well
called Hate.

I am who I am who
is a clown in God’s kaleidoscope.

Just Like Eve (Genesis 3:1-24)

dared to pluck the forbidden fruit and
gave it to Adam she loved.
They enjoyed it together then
their eyes were enlightened and
they came to know the secret of the world so
even though they were expelled from the Paradise,
they stepped in the road to the eternal life.

The power of the forbidden desire!

Would I try to desire
things forbidden to me?
God hides so many things from me and
too many mouth-watering fruits are trying to
make me fall into beautiful temptation so
God must have prepared tremendous gifts for me.

I too dare want to pluck the forbidden fruit and
to give it to my beloved woman and
to enjoy it together and
to get our eyes enlightened.
We might come to know the secret of the Heaven and
are expelled from our Paradise and
have tormented lives ever after but
if that road could lead to the eternal life,
why should I take other roads?

I have to desire things forbidden to me
Just like

40 Days in Wilderness

Just like a legend that a Korean Buddist monk
didn’t have to study in China ‘cause
he found his own enlightenment after
he drank water in a human skull
in a pitch-black night on his way to China,

I will make my own legend.
I will get out of the wilderness after
Having found my own sweet enlightenment without
Having spent the whole 40 days and without
Having been bitten by a single scorpion.

Jesus spent the whole 40 days, but
He was born with God’s enlightenment.
Israel people wandered for 40 years, but
The purpose was not their enlightenment.
A moronic preacher claimed that he successfully
spent 40 days without food, but
his purpose was not to find enlightenment, so

If I am trying to spend the days even after
I find enlightenment in the wilderness,
I should learn that Buddist monk’s confidence and boldness.
I should discard weak-kneed thought that
since I am surely not Jesus (well…),
I might be one of the stubborn Israel people.

Ah! What kind of enlightenment would be that
could enable me to storm out of the wilderness!
If I don’t know, why don’t I just spend the 40days
and enjoy the temptation of the Satan disguised as
the most beautiful woman in the Universe?