That Arrogant Bitch

She gets on her high horse
Not sure if it’s her own horse
She holds her nose high in the air
No idea that it is her natural nose
She is stuck-up for no reason
No clue where she is stuck in
She’s got snooty attitude
Don’t know where that comes from
She has cocky steps
She probably has plenty of cocks
She’s such a snob
Yeah, she’s snobby
‘Course, she is wearing a snobbish look
She is self-conceited
Well, conceit must be her daily bread
Her haughty stare stuffs the milieu
She walks like a pompous queen
She is uppity about the world affairs
She is righteous
She is a symbol of justice
She is perfect
She is not human
Nobody knows where she is from
Her name is not Nobody
She must be a Martian
Nah! I’d never seen her on Mars
Maybe she is from a galaxy far far far away

What do you expect?
She is a woman!
That is where her pride comes from
She is a bitch
That is why she is so disgustingly arrogant

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