When I Die

Deaths are rampant these days
All around the world
I see my own death
It’s a huge black bear
Watching me roaming behind a humungous tree
I see no way out
Just waiting for the bear to devour me
Yeah! Death is so near but
The bear looks so cute

I am curious
How will a guy like me
Who’s been moping around
For his whole life
What kind of death is being prepared for him?
What kind of dying mode is appropriate for me

When I die
Will I be in severe pain or
Will I die peacefully while sleeping?
Will I be the same guy as now or
Will I become a different or better guy?
Will I have a time to review my life?
Well, I have plenty of time to look back on my

What would be the last person in my mind
When I die?
I hope it would be a woman
Or since I will be so obsessed with dying
There will be no place for any person
Any dog any cat?

My death would be a shadow of my life
Sounds like a beautiful expression but
Is it proper?

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