Don’t You See?

Everybody is working hard.
I got very little to do.
I got ample time to gaze at the stars.
Once in a blue moon,
I just watch other people toil.
I got paid more denarii than most of others.
I’ve living this way for quite a time.
Don’t you see?
See what?
Why are you paid more with little work?
I’m just a lucky guy.
Oh, yeah, lucky!
Well, there’s no free lunch.
Who are you anyway?
I’m Angel Raphael.
Ah! Why should I believe you whoever you are?
‘Cause it’s good for you.
You’re truly a lucky guy.
I’m probably a lucky loser.
If you believe in luck, you are not a loser.
You must be truly an Angel.
See? Now you can see!
I envy you.
Angel envies human?
I envy YOU, not human.
I am a lucky guy.
Now, you get it!

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