Prison Break

“Learn and obey the rules very well, so you will know how to break them properly.” – Dalai Lama

To break the prison properly,
you need to be in there,
need to learn the prison system,
need to obey the prison rules
until you break it successfully.
You can’t just sit on the fence of the prison and
are pondering breaking the prison.
Why bother to break the prison?
Because it’s the prison!
After some time, you will get out of the prison.
How do you know you won’t die in the prison?
Well, the prison is not that bad.
You never skip meals.
You never skip sleeps.
You are protected from the world.
Prisoners are not good people, but
there are lots of bad people outside too.
Prison is kind of boring, but
that’s the price of comfy living, isn’t it?
So if you think the prison is kind of Heaven,
It will be your Heaven.
What are you gonna get from prison break?
Freedom, moron!
You want to die as a free man rather than
having a comfortable life inside prison walls?
For now, I am learning and trying to obey the prison rules.
When I am ready to break it,
I will think about whether to break or not.
Who would know?
I won’t have to break the prison at all…
So plunge your body, mind and spirit
into the tiny prison cell and
see what happens…

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