Not-So-Holy Thursday

It is just a day in which we are waiting for happy Friday.
It is Thursday that has nothing to attract attention.
Though it is just one Thursday in a year,
It’s become a holy day
By not-so-holy Christians.

Because of Jesus who
Washed filthy feet of disciples,
Because of Jesus who
Was betrayed by unfortunate Judas,
Because of Jesus who
Realized the human desire for revenge on God,
Because of Jesus who
Fulfilled God the Father’s wish for forgiveness by humans,

The Holy Thursday in which
Betrayal, vengeance, insult, disgrace, torture and
Forgiveness and love are all dissolved together,
Is being followed by Good Friday
For not-so-good Christians.

To me, it’s become again
A nothing-to-do-with-holy day in which
Friday is being waited for.
Then why do I write this spiritually grumbling stuff?

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