A Ridiculously Happy Daydreaming

She, pretty attractive, approached me.
Please, come back to our team!
I, pretty determined, snapped.
No way! My voice is too old.
She, pretty resolute, didn’t step back.
My voice is too old too.
I, pretty satisfied, shook my head.
She, pretty disappointed, showed her back.

She, pretty persistent, suddenly turned around.
What could possibly change your mind?
I, pretty perplexed, shrugged my shoulders.

If I said
I want you,
How would’ve she responded?

If she said
Do you want me?
How should’ve I responded?

If I join the team
With her in my pocket,
What would happen to the team?

I was ridiculously happy
In Sunday morning
Waiting for the holy Mass
Sitting at the very last pew.

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