The Celestine Prophecy

20 million copies are sold as of 2005?
Lousy storytelling, I said.
Bad English writing, my daughter said.
Shallow stuff, my son said.
Not interested, my wife said.
Elementary school level New Age Spirituality, I should say,
If this can be called ‘spirituality’.
People in this world seem more stupid that I think they are.
Well, I probably one of them since I read this cheap stuff.
It’s surprising that there are people
who actually believe this kind of crap!
Am I envious and jealous?
Yeah, of course.
This guy became a billionaire with this childish material!
Why not me?
I got a lot of trash to talk about.

Ah! However,
the main reason I hate this book is that
I lost a beautiful woman who could become my mistress!!!
She was stupid enough to believe this stuff and
said this book had sparkling messages.
I was stupid enough to rebuke her…Ah!
She might be really stupid but who cares?
She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!

I met another beautiful woman after this tragedy, but
she turned out to be another New Age believer!
Any Celestine Prophecy for me?!

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