I Am Who I Am Who I Am

I am who I am;
The Stage Nine of spiritual development
according to the self-proclaimed spiritual guru.

I am at Stage Nine!
My answer to “Who are you?”,
has been always “I am who I am.”.
Lucky I am still alive….

I don’t recall I was at any other stages.
Looks like I was born at Stage Nine?!
I went through from Stage One to Stage Eight
In my mother’s womb?
How come a fetus could go through spiritual development stages?

I must be a kind of special being
Just like Jesus who
didn’t have to go through human spirituality.
Or did He?
I don’t claim I am sort of a divine being, but…
m body and mind are kind of shivering

Well, the guru might bark,
Your ‘I am who I am’ is different from
‘I am who I am’ of spiritual development.
That’s one explanation, but how different?

No matter what,
I don’t care what kind of ‘I am who I am’, but still
I am how I am who I am….

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