Empty Miracles

Not that there are not miracles, not that there are not supernatural phenomena; but we seek them because our minds and hearts are so poor, so empty, so wretched, so ugly, and we think we can overcome that poverty of mind and heart by seeking those miracles, running and chasing after phenomena. — Jidu Krishnamurti

Jidu’s correct.
His point is in line with Jesus’ words.
Jesus lamented people’s hollow pursuit
For physical bread rather than eternal life
He is willing to provide.
Religiously devout people are chasing after miracles,
No matter what kind of religion or denomination they belong to.
Jidu’s right.
People’s minds, hearts and spirits are
So poor,
So empty,
So wretched,
So ugly.
They are human.
They are made that way.
So they need miracles and other worldly things to fill their void.
Didn’t Jesus too perform lots of miracles to attract people?
Krishnamurti is as rich as Jesus spiritually.
Krishnamurti is jammed with beautiful spirits.
Krishnamurti is as happy as a singing bird by my window.
Krishnamurti is more handsome than Tom Cruise.
Is this guy human?
Was this guy so spiritual when he was born?
Maybe half-human half-god?
He agrees that there are miracles then
What are miracles for?
Who needs miracles really?
What kind of people do miracles look for?
Miracles that appears before the empty people
Who seek them all the time are real miracles?
They are empty miracles.
If you are yearning for something,
It will appear, but it is usually illusion…
Well, it maybe gives some comfort just like a drug.
Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the people”.
He was true.
Religion is an absolutely necessary drug for the people who are
So poor,
So empty,
So wretched,
So ugly.
So are empty miracles.
However, miracle works
No matter empty or not
No matter real or not
No matter from God or not
No matter it’s a miracle or not.

A Thinking Dog

My dog is lost in deep thought.
Dog is thinking?
Yeah, its serious facial expression tells me.
Dog has facial expressions?
Why not? It’s a living thing with emotions.
What would your dog think about?
How could I know? I’m not a dog.
You’re NOT?

I am lost in deep thought.
He is thinking?
Yeah, his serious facial expression tells us.
I didn’t know he had facial expressions.
Why not? We created him as a human being.
What is he thinking about?
Useless stuff and some trash
which seems serious and important to him.
Why don’t we let him stop stupid thinking?
Let him believe, “I think, therefore I am”.
He is a human. What do you expect?

I am a thinking dog.
I am very much relieved.

Don’t Crush My Mind of Love

You I love!
Don’t crush my mind of loving you.
My love is my most precious treasure.

You I love!
Don’t put my love in a flower vase to watch.
This love is my daily bread.

You I love!
Don’t boast of being loved.
I am living in deep pain because of this love.

You I love!
Don’t ridicule my love.
This love is all of my life.

You I love!
Don’t doubt my love.
I don’t want anything from you.

You I love!
Don’t enjoy being loved too much.
My love might turn into hatred.

You I love!
Won’t you love too?
The joy of loving is far greater than
The joy of being loved.

The Celestine Prophecy

20 million copies are sold as of 2005?
Lousy storytelling, I said.
Bad English writing, my daughter said.
Shallow stuff, my son said.
Not interested, my wife said.
Elementary school level New Age Spirituality, I should say,
If this can be called ‘spirituality’.
People in this world seem more stupid that I think they are.
Well, I probably one of them since I read this cheap stuff.
It’s surprising that there are people
who actually believe this kind of crap!
Am I envious and jealous?
Yeah, of course.
This guy became a billionaire with this childish material!
Why not me?
I got a lot of trash to talk about.

Ah! However,
the main reason I hate this book is that
I lost a beautiful woman who could become my mistress!!!
She was stupid enough to believe this stuff and
said this book had sparkling messages.
I was stupid enough to rebuke her…Ah!
She might be really stupid but who cares?
She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!

I met another beautiful woman after this tragedy, but
she turned out to be another New Age believer!
Any Celestine Prophecy for me?!

I Am Who I Am Who I Am

I am who I am;
The Stage Nine of spiritual development
according to the self-proclaimed spiritual guru.

I am at Stage Nine!
My answer to “Who are you?”,
has been always “I am who I am.”.
Lucky I am still alive….

I don’t recall I was at any other stages.
Looks like I was born at Stage Nine?!
I went through from Stage One to Stage Eight
In my mother’s womb?
How come a fetus could go through spiritual development stages?

I must be a kind of special being
Just like Jesus who
didn’t have to go through human spirituality.
Or did He?
I don’t claim I am sort of a divine being, but…
m body and mind are kind of shivering

Well, the guru might bark,
Your ‘I am who I am’ is different from
‘I am who I am’ of spiritual development.
That’s one explanation, but how different?

No matter what,
I don’t care what kind of ‘I am who I am’, but still
I am how I am who I am….