What Is More Important?

You know there are times like that when the Blessed Sacrament becomes more important than Jesus Christ. When worship becomes more important than love, when the Church becomes more important than life. When God becomes more important than the neighbor. And so it goes on. That’s the danger. — Anthony De Mello

Sacrament is more important than Jesus
‘Cause without through Sacrament, we can’t meet Jesus in person
So Jesus is caged in Sacrament
I didn’t know Jesus was a bird.

Worship is more important than love
‘Cause only in worship, we get the power to love.
So love is framed in worship
I will be damned. The Mass is a picture frame?

The Church is more important than life
‘Cause without the Church , we don’t have life.
So our life is imprisoned in the Church.
Wow! The Church is a prison?

God is more important the neighbor.
‘Cause we have to love God first so that we can love our neighbor
So our neighbor is confined in God.
God still has all the people in the Garden of Eden?

It is not the danger.
It is what the religion is all about.
Seek God, Church, Worship and Sacrament, then
You will have no problem.
Do not snoop around outside of the Church.
Do not question the effect of the Sacrament.
Do not think you can do anything without worship.
Do not help your neighbor without ask God first.

What is more important?
It depends on who you ask.
Ask a priest. Church is his/her life.
Ask a spiritual guru. Pride is his/her(?) life.
Ask a homeless man. Bread is his/her life.
Ask my wife. Shopping is her life.
Ask my mistress. ME is her life.
Ask me. Better ask a fat bird on my deck.

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