She Hates ME

“What’s your son’s age?”
What’s my son’s age got to do with her?
I knew her hidden agenda!
She wanted my age divulged to the public!
What’s my age got to do with her?

“Younger than I”
This was probably the smarted answer ever in my life!
Everybody laughed, but
She decided to hate me from that on, I guess.

She hates me,
‘cause I didn’t fell into the trap she cleverly devised
to made me embarrassed in front of people?
‘cause I pretended not to notice her signal that
she was interested in me?
‘cause I didn’t accept her meticulously constructed confession of love?

Love becomes hate when you don’t take it!
So be careful, man!

Well, what’s wrong with my age?
Get a grip, man!
She doesn’t hate you.
She is not interested in you at all…
If she despises you, you should be rejoiced.

Are you interested in her?
‘Course, she’s a woman….
I want to despise myself….

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