A Hunter

A gorgeous doe is standing unscathed.
A hunter is standing friendly with it.
A handsome rifle without bullets is in his right hand.
That doe doesn’t have to be killed.
Ever heard of a hunter who is just looking on?
He doesn’t plunge into despair, though.
Rather, he cheers for the beautiful animals in the forest.
He won’t kill and possess them.
He plays with them.
Who could call him a hunter?
He believes he is a hunter, nonetheless.
A hunter who catches only she animals
that will be grilled in his dreams.

Winter Sea

From my warm cheap motel room,
I am staring at the cold priceless winter sea.
The frozen horizon
The clockwork wave
The chilly water like a woman turning her back to me
The beach void of bikinis
What is my mind scouring the vast sea for?

I would rather to become
an animal that prints its desperate paws
on the fresh snow in the mountain.

I could plunge into that cold-blooded sea
and beg for life.

Just like a captain on a placid ocean
boasting that he would die with his ship,
I am gazing at the drawing
that imprisons the winter sea.

What Is More Important?

You know there are times like that when the Blessed Sacrament becomes more important than Jesus Christ. When worship becomes more important than love, when the Church becomes more important than life. When God becomes more important than the neighbor. And so it goes on. That’s the danger. — Anthony De Mello

Sacrament is more important than Jesus
‘Cause without through Sacrament, we can’t meet Jesus in person
So Jesus is caged in Sacrament
I didn’t know Jesus was a bird.

Worship is more important than love
‘Cause only in worship, we get the power to love.
So love is framed in worship
I will be damned. The Mass is a picture frame?

The Church is more important than life
‘Cause without the Church , we don’t have life.
So our life is imprisoned in the Church.
Wow! The Church is a prison?

God is more important the neighbor.
‘Cause we have to love God first so that we can love our neighbor
So our neighbor is confined in God.
God still has all the people in the Garden of Eden?

It is not the danger.
It is what the religion is all about.
Seek God, Church, Worship and Sacrament, then
You will have no problem.
Do not snoop around outside of the Church.
Do not question the effect of the Sacrament.
Do not think you can do anything without worship.
Do not help your neighbor without ask God first.

What is more important?
It depends on who you ask.
Ask a priest. Church is his/her life.
Ask a spiritual guru. Pride is his/her(?) life.
Ask a homeless man. Bread is his/her life.
Ask my wife. Shopping is her life.
Ask my mistress. ME is her life.
Ask me. Better ask a fat bird on my deck.

So What?

A guy is dying with cancer, I hear.
So what?
There is nothing I can do for him.
Prayer? What prayer?
I am already in that line
with familiar faces.
I might cut in line.
Standing on the cliff,
To offer that guy a prayer
that I am loath to hear?

The only thing I can do
is to look up with vacant eyes
at a vulture that is circling overhead.

Perhaps Lust

With middle-aged wind and frost
deposited on her shoulders,
she was still beautiful.
She didn’t notice my furtive glance?
She was stealing a look at me too?
Perhaps not.
As if her Venus-like eyes was thinking about yesterday’s rendezvous
As if her pink lips was still feeling the sizzling kiss with her man.
Looked like her tidy breast was still wet with her man’s lovely touch.
Should I be jealousy?
Is this love?
As soon as I came out of the room,
She was forgotten completely!
A one-sided love in a cramped space that
couldn’t overcome the harsh reality.
It’s perhaps lust.

A Winter Bird, Anna (Luke 2:36-38)

Singing for 60 years
on a naked branch where
nobody can hide,
yearning for the Spring

A woman who
has become a winter bird
when she lost a beloved soul mate
after mere seven years.

Seeing the Seed of Spring
that’s been heard only
through the grapevine,
A winter bird which
is filling up the frigid forest
with its joyous singing,

Why don’t you stop singing now?
So much for your weeping.

Having gone through the harsh winter
would have been enough.
How could you watch the painful process that
the seed rots,
a bud opens and finally
becomes the beautiful Spring?!

She Hates ME

“What’s your son’s age?”
What’s my son’s age got to do with her?
I knew her hidden agenda!
She wanted my age divulged to the public!
What’s my age got to do with her?

“Younger than I”
This was probably the smarted answer ever in my life!
Everybody laughed, but
She decided to hate me from that on, I guess.

She hates me,
‘cause I didn’t fell into the trap she cleverly devised
to made me embarrassed in front of people?
‘cause I pretended not to notice her signal that
she was interested in me?
‘cause I didn’t accept her meticulously constructed confession of love?

Love becomes hate when you don’t take it!
So be careful, man!

Well, what’s wrong with my age?
Get a grip, man!
She doesn’t hate you.
She is not interested in you at all…
If she despises you, you should be rejoiced.

Are you interested in her?
‘Course, she’s a woman….
I want to despise myself….