You Are Free, Really!

Why doesn’t that big bird fly away
with its huger-than-life wings?
‘Cause of its cuter-than-Maltese chicklings.

Why is your life so small
with your bigger-than-you talent?
‘Cause of your dearer-than-mistress kids.
‘Cause of your prettier-than-rose wife.

Why are you stuck in the mud
with your stronger-than-Goliath legs and
with your larger-than-Einstein intelligence?
‘Cause of nobler-than-royals friends.
‘Cause of poorer-than-Lazarus neighbors.

You can fly high alone like the mighty eagle
looking down people struggling in the mud
as if enjoying TV, but
you won’t ‘cause you are free.

Getting stuck willingly in the filthy swamp
with family, friends, and neighbors,
you feel true freedom.

I hope ‘YOU’ is not ‘I’.
This hope could make me free really….

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