Dirty Laundry

My sincere honesty was pitied by an
arrogant delusional pretty homely woman.
Her dirty laundry was exposed by her

own hallucinative self-proclaimed righteousness.
Now I got a reason to dismiss her. Alas! My
dirty laundry also was revealed by my desperate

condescending, not-so-subtle attitude to
show I was a prince charming. She showed
her laundry basket carelessly. I showed mine

deliberately. Now I got a good reason not to
hate her. I am not a knight in shining armor.
She is not a saintess. If she were a little bit

pretty, I would fall in love with her and enjoy
washing her dirty clothes. We are sinners and
we can commit sins together and produce our

common dirty laundry. How lucky I am she is
not a beautiful woman!. How fortunate she is
not attractive at all! How lovely we are human!

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