My Shadow

Your face is dark and gloomy.
She is looking at my shadow?
My shadow is on my face?
Mercy from a woman?
Sounds pretty annoying.
What do you expect from a mere mortal male like me?
Many questions
No answers
That is why I am still living
Maybe what is living is my shadow that
doesn’t search answers.
Is there any way to tear off my shadow
so as for me to live?
More questions
Still no answers
I am the real shadow of my shadow?
Cut the mindless crap!
A word of a careless woman makes you sink like this?
Because it’s from woman?
Come on!
You are better than this
You enjoy being pinned under woman…
If you call your wife Goddess,
call that woman a goddess, then
your shadow and her shadow will overlap.
Sounds deep.
Go deeper!

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