Another Bullet

Today, just like yesterday, another bullet
failed again to crush my life. My body was
rattled a bit but my mind was as calm as
the morning sun. Bullets failed to demolish
my life million times before. Dozing, I forgot
I was in a battle field where bullets will fail to
flatten my life tomorrow, just like today until
they go through and dissipate my life for good.
So smile at the desperate bullets and celebrate
just like a moron. I was born and will die in the
war zone while keep staring at the missing bullets
and expecting the next one to hit the target – me?
A bullet of destiny could hit you anytime, anywhere.
Then your life will be gone in a blink so life is no
big deal so don’t get too serious about anything.
Not sure this would be the right conclusion, but
this is the only sensible mind-set for now. Yeah.

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