Scent of Autumn

I am learning from my pooch
To smell life piece by piece
My doggie sniffs at fallen leaves one by one
As if she were looking for the quintessential stuff
Of Autumn in the park strewn with dead bodies
Looks like she won’t leave the park
Until she finds the true scent of Autumn
If I did smell the life like her in my earlier days
I could’ve found the scent of my life already
And would’ve been enjoying IT
Just like I enjoyed a scent of a young pretty woman a few days ago
Right! I won’t leave the life
Until I find the true scent of my life
‘Cause I heard a rumor that it’s been emitting scent
Far sweeter and more delicious than the scent of Autumn
And even greater than the scent of that woman
“Do you want me?”
“You don’t have to write a pathetic poem like this. Just say so.”
I am distracted.
I need to learn more from my dog that is still sniffing

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