I Wish I Could Pass Away In Your Bosom

While the title sounds a bit cheesy,
I should say her mind would be cheesier.
That’s why cheesy pop songs strike our heartstrings.
Good cheesy title for November…
I like cheese so won’t matter.

“I am here.” Her mind wants to speak,
hiding behind a tree,
having no choice but to gaze,
being buried in the silence hinting at farewell,
after she stops her beautiful gesture of her hands.

A woman with many regrets
who can’t cry even with pain
and can’t look back at me
when she is hit by a rock thrown by me.
‘Cause she knows if our eyes bump into each other,
There would be no turning back.

“If I could spend my last moment in your bosom…”
How fortunate that my bosom can hold only one woman!
My mind embosoms many women just like a king, though.

While I am seeing myself becoming cornier as I grow older
And enjoying rapture from tearing decades-old nobleness off myself,
I let go of another woman I created.

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