A gross bug that was
trapped in my window screen
is happily running through my backyard.
I saved its precious life.
I did something good, didn’t I?
I haven’t solved the world peace, but
saving bug’s life would be a good start, wouldn’t it?
I don’t have any plans A to Z for world peace,
since not sure I can even solve my peace
before my life expires in this world.

I killed many stray ants in my bathroom.
In fact, I did massacre hosts of ants in my kitchen.
Too bad I terminated precious lives God created.
Having feeling a tiny bit of guilt about
defending my nest against irritating infiltrators would be
a good start for becoming a human who appreciates
God’s great work of creation, wouldn’t it?
I just don’t want my life terminated meaninglessly
like bugs and ants in my place.
Respect others then you will be respected.
Not sure this should include bugs and ants…and
women who bug me…

BTW, ant is a kind of bug?
How about bugging women?

Writing this looks silly, doesn’t it?

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