A Certain Delusion

Peeping into her not-so-pretty face,
he follows the movement of her slender fingers.
She is The Queen.
He is a homeless man.
Keeling before her majestic posture,
he listens to her not-so-sexy alto voice.
She is holding his life in her palm, but
he is trying to hold her mind in his heart.

Abuse your power and have me.
I have a street intelligence not found in the castle.
I will write you a beautiful poem.
I can entertain your ears with exotic stories.
I might confess love to you out of sheer delusion.

I will feel the palace through your breath as
Queen’s hidden lover.
Give me your tiny smile
when you pass by me.

Watching her retreating figure,
he accepts her invitation even though
he couldn’t find her secret note….

Author: nakedgod

I am who I am.

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