What Brought You Here?

Not sure why I am here so
I ask myself, what brought you here?
Jesus, the best trainer in the Universe…
Yeah, I can blame Jesus for all my misbehavior.
I ask Him, why should I be trained?
‘Cause no matter how superior a horse is,
without training, it would be just a wild animal.
So I am a superior horse…
Any normal horse can be a good horse
with good training and discipline.
Well, so whether you are a superior horse or
Just a good horse or a bad horse,
it wouldn’t matter, would it?
Are you not interested in finding your true self?
Even if you turned out not to be a superior horse,
You still can be a good horse after training.
Why should I be a good or superior horse or whatever?
You don’t want to run in the vast plains?
Yeah, but I can run without harsh training and stringent discipline which
would be a shackle controlling my superior power.
Ah! So your power is superior.
Then be a superior horse.
Isn’t it too late to be trained?
When you think it’s too late,
that is the right time.
That is what I heard from the filthy mouth of a homeless man.
It’s easy.
You just follow me like a ragged old man.
Don’t try to be smart.
You aren’t smart but are stupid.
Don’t say that you can do it yourself.
You can’t do anything without me.
I am lucky that I believe in God so
I can blame Him for all my failures.
The frightening thing is that God never fails.
Well, it looks like God is in trouble these days, though.
Do you want to become a superior horse or not?
If this is nothing but an illusion, I got nothing to lose.
If this is true, the outcome would be beyond my imagination.
You imagination is extraordinary so believe it.
This is what faith is all about….
Yeah, sounds like New Age stuff.
No matter New Age or Old Religion, this is your life!

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