I’m Just About to Fly

I don’t care
Whether I have wings or not
Whether a rock is hanging on my neck or not
Whether my legs are fettered or not
Whether my heart is still tied to the ground or not
Whether I am standing on the top of 100-story building or not
Whether whatever is blocking my sky path or not
Whether…Whether…Whether…or not.

I’ll just jump.
I might fall to the ground and die instantly right after I jump.
That wouldn’t be too bad.
I might be remembered as a moron to the people.
It would be good to be remembered, but
People’s memory is short and
Better than completely forgotten.
This time this thought is not just in my empty head.
This passion is creeping all over my body, soul and spirit.
If I step back, I wouldn’t be considered ‘living’
Just like my life so far.

Nice try, but
Think twice before you jump.
Do you know how ridiculous you look?
You can live happily ever after for the rest of your life.
What is this fuss all about?
Doesn’t it seem a little bit too late?
The New Age stuff must have brain-washed you.
Your God won’t protect you from this hallucination.

I don’t care.
I will test my God.
Don’t push me, couch potatoes!
I will jump on my own!
This is not an entertainment!
This is a desperate cry.
No, this is THE life – my life!

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